Truckfighters Discuss New Album “V” in Interview with Loki Media


The masters of fuzz are at it again with their brand new album “V” slated for a September 30th release followed by extensive touring including a likely visit to the United States in 2017.

We spoke with Truckfighters guitarist “Dango” to get the inside scoop on the new album and what we can expect. Play the video above for avery special message from Dango to Loki Media and their Denver, Colorado fans.

Brad: It would seem that a band from Örebro, Sweden would have some difficulty capturing the essence of California Desert Rock, but when listening to Truckfighters it’s impossible not to envision myself in a big empty space surrounded by miles of hot sand and the warm desert, sun beaming down. My first question for you is, what’s your secret? How do you capture that atmosphere from half way around the world?

Dango: “I think it is lots of similarities in the desert of California and the desert wilderness of Sweden. The word “desert” means more than one thing and here I think it’s a perfect way to use both meanings. Similarities such as; not so much people around, vast amazing nature and calmness gives the vibe I reckon. Snow and trees instead of rocks and sand!”

Brad: We’ve noticed that many of our favorite bands and most of the new music we are discovering and loving is all coming from Scandinavia, especially Sweden. What is it about Sweden that makes for such a plethora of quality heavy music? There are several bands we love from Orebro specifically (like Truckfighters and Witchcraft), so what is the music scene like in Orebro, a place that is not well known in the States? And how has it changed since Truckfighters first started?

Dango: “Ha, wow this is a long and tricky question. I don’t know why Örebro has become the ‘mecca’ for heavy groovy music. When I was young it was basically only Millencolin who was from Örebro and ‘famous’. The music scene in Örebro nowadays is not so active if you mean venues for underground bands to play. There’s a good metal festival around called Metallsvenskan and of course some bigger venues for more mainstream artists. On the other hand many bands are active rehearsing and buzzing but that doesn’t reflect in the live scene. There is lots of rehearsal room and good support from the City even for the not so ‘fine’ culture as rock music.

In Sweden overall the society encourages kids to try instruments and play music or do something else that is creative. There’s special days when the city funded music school house opens it’s door and lets kids try any instrument they like. It’s a great way to get kids into a meaningful hobby and stay away from ‘bad’ habits and boredom. And it also leads to some very good bands popping up every now and then. It’s like all kids who have a potential musical talent will have the chance to discover it at least, so it’s cool. This music school offers lessons for kids like once a week and when I was young I was even allowed to go away from normal class to have thirty minutes of guitar playing, that was rad!”

Brad: With the release of your new album “V” coming up, can you share some details on what we can expect as far as the sound and progression of the band? What was your favorite part about making this album?

Dango: “You can expect something that sounds fresh and new but still very much Truckfighters! I’d say we have continued on the path we’ve been on since Mania towards a mix of more progressive and melodic elements and our trade mark Truckfighters sound. It’s very fat sounding of course. This time it’s no 10 minute track but also no track shorter than about 6 minutes. They all have their own vibe and I think all songs are great, of course, ha ha. It’s hard to pin-point one favorite part of an album recording so I guess I will say that the best thing was when it was finished! Making an album for us takes up enormous amounts of energy and focus and as much as it’s fun it’s also a big pressure at the same time. So when it’s ready to be sent away for printing it’s a relief and feels very satisfactory. I do like the whole progression of the songs because we didn’t write songs, rehearse them, and then record. We wrote basic outlines of songs and let all the details be created as we recorded, it is cool to hear how a song changes and hopefully improves!”

Brad: When can the first track be previewed?

Dango: “The first video and single will be released on August 12th. It’s an epic 8 minutes song so defenitely something to look forward to!”

Brad: We can’t wait! The sound of Truckfighters could definitely be described as “timeless”, I still have Gravity X on heavy rotation over a decade after first hearing it and I enjoy it just as much now as I did then. Was it your intention to make timeless music? What makes your music never get old?

Dango: “Tricky question! I like the fact that it’s timeless, very few bands manage to do that. We have always been very focused on doing our own thing without caring for what others may think or what is trendy at the moment. I think that is a key to not be affected by what is mainstream at the moment because that changes all the time and will make you do something that isn’t ‘you’. Also the fact that we don’t completely fit into a certain genre, haha.”

Brad: The band is known for super high energy shows. Are you guys that energetic in every day life, or do you flip a switch before you go live?

Dango: “Hahaha. No, no one can be that energetic in everyday life! We have different modes I guess. The music and the live gig environment triggers the energy to pop out. Though especially when I was younger I was fairly energetic also outside of being on stage, and we always had that inner glow to try to get things done.”

Brad: Truckfighters has traveled extensively on tour, sharing their music with different parts of the world. Are there any places that stand out as favorites? If you could pick one place to tour where you have not yet been, where would it be?

Dango: “Hmm, all places have their good parts I guess and it wouldn’t feel right to say a certain favorite. I’d like to tour in Asia and Africa, see new places even after 15 years as a band!”

Brad: Will you be touring in the United States soon? What’s the likelihood you will be bringing desert rock to the Rocky Mountains?

Dango: “We will come back probably early 2017. No clue on dates or cities at this point though!”

Photo Courtesy of Truckfighters
Photo Courtesy of Truckfighters

Check out the Truckfighters “Live in London” performance of Desert Cruiser below to hold you over until 9/30/2016:

Video Courtesy of Fuzzorama