The Radkey Brotherhood: Superheroes of Punk

The Radkey Brotherhood: Superheroes of Punk



Radkey is a punk rock garage band from St. Joseph Missouri consisting of three brothers; Dee, Isaiah, and Solomon Radke. This self-taught group was an integral part of Denver’s Riot Fest this year, and their high energy performance really won me over, along with the rest of the “rioters” who hadn’t yet familiarized themselves with their infectious music.

I caught up with the brothers for an in-depth interview with Loki Media to learn more about what makes this musically gifted trio of brothers so unique; then broke off one on one to get to learn how each brother contributes to the Radkey Psyche.

But before we get any further, be sure to beef up your iTunes with some Radkey: [btn text=”iTunes Download” tcolor=#FFF bcolor=#000 thovercolor=#FFF link=”″ target=”_blank”]

Where does your musical inspiration come from? Did you grow up with a heavy musical influence or is this something you pursued on your own?

“Definitely comes from bands like Led Zeppelin, Ramones, Weezer and Nirvana, and we had lots of family that were musicians.”

Are there any current bands that you look up to or have any cool stories about?

“We look up to bands like Local H and The Giraffes. They write incredible songs and put on insane live shows.”

What do you think of Denver? Is it a place you enjoy touring?

“Denver’s easily one of our favorite stops. We love it.”

Did you have the opportunity to spend any time in Colorado outside of Riot Fest?

“Not really. Sadly, we had to head out pretty quick.”

What are some of the things you liked most about Riot Fest in particular?

“We love how they bring on bands that aren’t very big. It gives bands like us a huge opportunity to be seen. But the really cool thing about Riot Fest is that people actually go around and check these new bands out.”

Were there any other bands or musicians you made it a point to watch during the festival?

“Sadly we were in and out pretty quick.”

How does Riot Fest stack up compared to other festivals and live performances you’ve done?

“Riot Fest always rules!”


Dee Radke
Guitarist/Vocals – Eldest Brother

If you weren’t a musician, what would your alternate profession be?

“A Japanese Interpreter.”

As the eldest brother, what’s your vision for Radkey? Where do you see the band in 5-10 years?

“Touring comfortably on tons of new material, making new fans and selling out huge venues.”

The Dream! Where did you learn how to shred the guitar like that?

“I taught myself how to play like that. I would sometimes sit in my room for hours just listening to music and playing my guitar.”

What interests you most about the Japanese culture?

“The Music, Language, Food and Animation.”

Radkey finds a time machine and goes back in history to open up for any band or musician. Who is it?



Isaiah J. Radke III
Bassist/Vocals – Middle Brother

The apocalypse has come, and the rest of your life will be spent in a bomb shelter. As an avid movie watcher and musician, would you take your movie collection or your album collection?

“Movie collection. Bring some music documentary’s and kill two birds with one stone.”

Times are tough in the bomb shelter and a zombie invasion causes you to flee on foot to find a new shelter. You only have time to grab three movies, what are they?

“The Breakfast Club, A Clockwork Orange and some kind of pornography.”

Can’t argue with that. 5 years from now Hollywood is making a movie based on Radkey. Who would you want directing your movie and what actors would play each of you?

“Martin Scorsese. Hopefully our lives get interesting enough to make a really cool movie. Isaiah [myself] would be cast as Dwayne Johnson , Dee as Scatman Crothers and Solomon would be CGI, voiced by Aidan Gillen.”


Solomon Radke
Drummer – Youngest Brother

What are some of your favorite things about playing music and touring with your brothers?

“I can’t say I have a favorite part, there are too many things I enjoy about it to decide on just one.”

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened on tour so far?

“I cant really think of any. We mostly just sleep and eat.”

As an avid comic book fan, Marvel or DC?

“Marvel, I like the characters more.”

What comic book character fits your personality best? 

“The Flash”

What about your brothers?

“Isaiah would be Star Lord, and Dee would be Red Tornado.”

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