Odesza, Country Club Kobe, and Doublefisting at Boulder Theatre

Odesza, Country Club Kobe, and Doublefisting at Boulder Theatre


Odesza stopped through Boulder Theatre for two snowy nights in late February. Loki stopped in for the Sunday night performance to photograph Seattle’s underground electronic duo who just happen to be skyrocketing into one of the hottest electronic bands around right now.

After a 30+ minute check-in with a disgruntled box office employee (photo passes are NOT tickets at Boulder Theatre!), we soon realized that the venue doesn’t have a photo pit, and the swarm of teeny boppers already nipping at the stage proved to dense to filter through for any sober man.

“Two Maker’s and Gingers, please” I said to the barkeep.

We spent the next hour sipping whiskey and shooting psychedelic close-ups of a guy spinning multi-colored neon lights all over the place. A pale Kobe Bryant even made an appearance, and we didn’t pass up the opportunity for a photo op (below). His transformation from country club Boulderite to dancing thug life Kobe totally caught us off guard. Who knew all that fun was hiding under a Ralph Lauren sweater (pictured around waist)?

Is this what all the youth in Boulder are like? When Odesza is in town, YES.


I now kick myself that I didn’t get more photos of the weird characters hanging out at the Theatre. In fact, I’m now compelled to do a separate photo gallery for each shoot just highlighting the freaky people of Colorado. There was a girl two people down from Kobe in crutches wearing a “onesie” and sipping beer through her braces. If that doesn’t make you feel like you’re in the wrong place you must be a predator.

It’s ten thirty now, time for the show..

Odesza is on tour throughout North America and Europe this Spring, so be sure to visit their Tour Page and find a show near you. Additionally, Odesza will be returning to Colorado to headline a wicked show at Red Rocks alongside Chromeo, Cashmere Cat and Classixx this May. Get your TIX HERE.

Photos Courtesy of Brad Gustafson/SBG Photos

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