In between writing heavy riffs for his new band and fits of heavy drinking, Mattias Häggström Gerdt managed to catch up with Loki Media to talk about the new heavy music he is putting out with 4 friends who are no stranger to Stockholm’s music scene.

Some staff here at Loki came across your 2-track EP at random one day and we were all blown away by what we heard. Where did you guys come from? Can you tell us about the formation of the band? 

“We’re five guys from Stockholm who like riffs, beer and getting sweaty together in confined spaces. The idea for Kung Funghi was born in a beer haze when we realized that hey, rock music is pretty awesome – it’s time to start a new band.

It’s not our first rodeo, four of us used to play in the deathrock band Zombie Zex and we’ve all been involved in various music projects since the dawn of time. Mattias is releasing heavy doom as Oarfish, Marcus is exploring contrapuntal composition and David is constantly cheating on the rest of us in various other bands and jam constellations.”

What is the meaning behind Kung Funghi? It’s very catchy!

“It came to Vinnie in a dream. Whenever we ask him about the meaning he suddenly becomes violent so we’ve stopped doing that.”

What are some of the influences on the bands music and how would you describe your sound? Are there any other bands or musicians who have influenced your sound?

“Our sound is mostly about trying to sound like we’re really fucking cool. If the riff sounds lame, we throw it out or work on it until it sounds like we’re cool.

Between the five os us, we have pretty varied tastes in music so the influences are all over the place. Just to name a few of teh heroes: Queens of Stone Age, Kvelertak, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Magma, Sleep, Ty Segall, Victor Wooten, Red Fang, Freddie Wadling, Tool, J.S. Bach, Soundgarden and YOB.”

What’s next for the band? Any plans for touring, new tracks, or other projects?

“We’re currently writing more music, riffing away underneath the streets of Stockholm, and are about to go into the studio to record a few more tracks. We’re not sure if this will lead to a new single, EP or a full-fledged album; but it will sound awesome. We’re still unsigned (a crime against humanity) so if anyone wants to throw money at us, do get in touch.

Hopefully we’ll play some gigs locally very soon then slowly, but surely, take over the world.”

Check out Kung Funghi’s two track EP now free to download on Bandcamp and throw some money at them if you feel so inclined.